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Collage Courtesy of The Erin 

A humble collection of my very own fanfic. Sit back, relax and read away:



Believe in me (Vignette)

Mulder's feelings during the hallway scene... Rated PG


Empty (Short story)

The world is save, but hers is in shards... Rated PG


I dream (Poem/Vignette)

Set after "Milagro", Scully POV... Rated PG


Fade into you (MSR, Vignette)

Sequel to "The road to Memphis"... Rated R


The road to Memphis  (MSR, Vignette)

Post-episode Vignette for PMP... Rated PG


A normal life... What is this love II (Skinner/other)

Alternate take on "What is this love"... Rated R


What is this love... (Short story, Skinner/other)

When I met him I knew he would be the love of my life, but I found out that I couldn't be his… Rated R


A Perfect World (Vignette, Scully Angst)

In a perfect world things would be different - Rated PG-13


Do you remember? A Letter... (Vignette, SSR implied)

A letter from Scully... Rated G


Ménage à trois (Story, SSR)

"French: literally, household of three: an arrangement in which three persons share sexual relations or are bound to each other by feelings of love" - Rated R / NC-17 (to be safe)

        Prologue    Part 1    Part 2    Part 3    Part 4    Part 5

                        Part 6    Part 7    Part 8


Solace (Story, MSR, references to SSR)

Mulder comes back to find his life changed and Scully has trouble letting go - Rated R

bullet Whatever It Takes (Story, MSR)

When her life takes a dramatic turn, Dana Scully has to make a decision - Rated R


How Does It Feel (Vignette, Musings)

Dana Scully contemplates her life - Rated PG-13

bulletYou (Vignette)

What is it about Scully... - Rated PG-13

bulletShe (Vignette)

Someone is thinking about Scully... - Rated PG-13

bulletBoth Of Them (Vignette)

Scully has some thinking of her own to do... - Rated PG-13

bulletHearts In Armor (Story, UST/MST, Challenge fic)

Two hearts beating as one... - Rated PG-13


Alone (MSR) - alternate title "Close Yet Far Apart"

After the X-Files have burnt to ashes, Scully realizes that she isn't as close to Mulder as she had thought - Rated R