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Collage Courtesy of The Erin 

Looking for news, pictures,other goodies.... Check out these XF-Sites, they have everything the X-Phile's heart desires:

Everything X-Files...


Haven For The FBI's Most Unwanted

Haven is changing right now - the forums are up, though! 


E's X Page

The Erin has created wonderful collages, manipulated pics and wallpapers, which you can find along with episode pics and her very own fanfic on this great page!

Everything Gillian:


The Gillian Anderson Website

... check out the great re-vamped site!

Everything David:
bulletDuchovny Net

...by the wonderful Gertie... ALL about David, tons of pics, updated daily...

bulletDuchovny Archives at Chimerical Publications

... Heidi has collected lots of stuff about David...