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Collage Courtesy of The Erin 

My favorite XF-fanfic authors, whose works are... just incredible... read for yourself:

bulletDasha K

IMHO, Dasha is an exceptional author. Her Red Valerian Series still costs me precious hours of sleep. 

"When three lives intersect, a triangle is formed...  After a difficult case, Scully must confront the desires of her heart."

You can read the German translation here:

Roter Valerian (The Red Valerian Series) 

bullet Lydia Bower 

Lydia's Dance Without Sleeping is a classic. 

"Scully learns to deal with her cancer and take control of her life."


bullet Char Chaffin and Tess

Check out their collaboration "La Vérité Nous Sauvera" - my favorite!

... and their individual fanfic of course... you'll be hooked!